Creating examples

Examples help developers understand how they can integrate the building block into their applications. Code snippets in specific programming languages, are not only supported, but encouraged.

Each example consists of Markdown content and/or a list of snippets. snippets, in turn, have a language (for highlighting, language tabs in Slate, etc.) and the code itself.

content accepts text in Markdown format. Any relative links or images will be resolved to full URLs when the building block is published (see Assets).

Instead of the code, a ref with a filename relative to examples.yaml can be provided:

- title: My inline example
  content: Example with its code in the examples.yaml file
    - language: json
      code: '{ "a": 1 }'
- title: My referenced example
  content: Example with its code pulled from a file
    - language: json
      ref: example1.json # in the same directory as examples.yaml  

Please refer to the updated JSON schema for examples.yaml for more information.

The examples.yaml file in my-building-block can be used as a template.